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Started to work on Mining Buddy and noticed that this was a out of touch interface for the software and being a developer decided to create a new tool called Destruct-Ore after being away from the game for a while I am now back to make a better suite of tools for everyone.

Apocil Munar

Apocil Munar

Started off as a Webhost for Eve Players and quickly saw a need for updating MiningBuddy. When I met Devilen, he invited me to help with continuing developement on MiningBuddy before we switched to Destruct-Ore. After a long hiatus from Eve, I am back to start where we left off to make better tools for the Eve Community.

Destruct-Ore 01


Destruct-Ore aims to streamline and enhance the mining experience within the game by providing valuable analytics and management features for miners. With Destruct-Ore, players can efficiently organize their mining operations, track ore yields, and optimize their resource extraction efforts. The tool likely offers a user-friendly interface and useful functionalities tailored to meet the specific needs of EVE Online miners, contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Naga 01


Are you an industry corporation seeking to expand your procurement options? Perhaps you aim to diversify your supply chain or access niche markets. We specialize in facilitating direct transactions between businesses and individuals, fostering transparency and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Naga offers a secure and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily manage transactions and negotiate terms. With our assistance, you can unlock new opportunities for sourcing raw materials and products, strengthening your competitive edge in the market.

Magic Capsule 01

Magic Capsule

This application is for corporations within EVE Online to verify accounts and characters. If your corporation requires a reliable method to authenticate members and ensure the integrity of your community, our platform provides the solution. With our user-friendly interface and robust security measures, you can easily validate accounts and characters, safeguarding your corporation against imposters and unauthorized access. Enhance the trust and efficiency within your corporation by utilizing our verification system, tailored specifically for the needs of EVE Online corporations.

Future Apps

Future Applications

If you got an Idea or have a need of something feel free to reach out to Devilen in Game with the idea!