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About Devilen
Hello my name is Eric and I am the creator and lead developer of Destruct-Ore. In real life I am a Systems Administrator and Software Engineer. I have a passion about making applications that work and fill a need for the user.  After joining Eve-Online back in 2006 I started playing as a Industrial character and got into mining.  I found an application named Mining Buddy and used it quite a bit but found it was lacking in some areas. After leaving the Industrial side of the game behind for PVP I found I still was thinking of how to fix Mining Buddy.

After a small break from Eve-Online I returned back to the game and found myself trying out the Industrial side of the game again and looked up Mining Buddy.  I noticed that it was no longer maintained and supported and shortly after coming back the site went offline.  So I decided to try to fix some of the problems that Mining Buddy had and update it to work with the new version of Eve.

After working on Mining Buddy for over a year I decided that it was time for a complete rewrite of the application.  That is when I decided to make Destruct-Ore.  Destruct-Ore will not just be a Mining Management application but the plan is to make it the one application a single user or an alliance can use.  With the beta release of Destruct-Ore my dreams are getting one step closer to being reality.

About Eve-Tools
Eve-Tools was born out of an idea that just because you can not program doesn’t mean it should stop your idea’s from taking shape and being a reality.  I created Eve-Tools to give people a place they can come and get input on an application or have one developed for them with trust that its going to be completed and not scammed from the eve forums like few in the past have been.  Eve-Tools is not just for me but for all programmers within Eve and people who want something made.  We in the near future will be a section to allow programmers sign up and state they are looking for work with their skills along with past jobs and feedback from the person who hired them.