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What is D-Ore?
D-Ore stands for Destruct-Ore the reason why this name was picked is because it is exactly what is going on when you are mining. You are destroying the Ore. It’s also a nice little play on words. The reason why D-Ore was created was to go beyond what Mining Buddy started with. To be able to expand and have more function and usability. D-Ore was the brain child of Devilen also known as Eric Vasquez which development had started in Late 2010 early 2011.

About D-Ore
D-Ore is going to change the way you think about time management within Eve-online. It will allow the tracking of more than just mining operations but any kind of operation that you can think of along with every type of item you can think of. With the use of the new API system you are able to track more than one account per login and have the ability to assign users how ever is needed. D-Ore is going to start off with just time management and operations management in mind and expand to cover more than just operations to be a full Content Management System.

– Open Beta



Last Release
May 31, 2016 – Destruct-Ore v0.5.1-rc1

Release: v0.5.1-rc1 Online | You must sign up using a real API Key
Development: v0.5.1-rc2 Online | You must sign up using a real API Key
*Note* Your key can be removed just request for me to remove it by Eve-Mail or E-Mail and it will be cleared within 24 hours.

Demo v0.4
Online |Username: Demo Password: demo