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Devilen On August - 25 - 2016

Hello, I am here to let everyone know that the release of Destruct-Ore 0.5.2 will be released by the week of September 11th to 17th. This will complete the Payment system and fix a bunch of the bugs I have found and update a few other items along with a better admin/install panel.

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  1. catflap says:

    It is now September 18th and no 0.5.2 released do you have any idea when this will be released.

    • Devilen says:

      I have been delayed due to Real Life work. I had a production go live back in August that is still causing me to have to work 60+ hours a week at work. Let me know if you need assistance getting this working for you I will do what I can. I am also on Discord and Slack if you want to contact me on them.

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