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Devilen On June - 1 - 2016

Ok It is simple to install

1. Edit the Variables.php under func/
2. Register your account, make sure you put in a working proper API Key
3. Next run this SQL Command “UPDATE `dore_users` SET `admin` = ‘1’, `security` = ‘9999’ WHERE `dore_users`.`userid` = 1;”
4. Login to Destruct-Ore
5. Top right hand click on Admin then click on Price Manager and set your buy prices.

if you want you can also setup the cron under the cron folder configure the few variables in it and then make it run every hour to pull in the information for eve-central.

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8 Responses

  1. catflap says:

    hi i am trying to install destruct ore and have edited the variables.php but where do i register my account and put in a proper working api key.

  2. catflap says:

    hi again have got destructor working and have logged in ok but cannot find any admin link anywhere so cannot set prices

  3. akov says:

    should be

    UPDATE `dore_users` SET `admin` = 1, `security` = 9999 WHERE `dore_users`.`userid` = 1;

  4. Syrabane says:

    Hi Devilen, i’ve got everything up and running but the Site management page is blank have I done something wrong? Also not sure how to configure the cron job, i’m a n00b with cron stuff.

    • Devilen says:

      You have not done anything wrong I am in the process of getting a patch update to fix this. I am also in the middle of moving too.
      Feel free to hit me up on Slack or in Eve I leave that open to talk when I am at home on the computer working on Dore.

      If you would like more assistance let me know sorry about the delay. As for the cron I can help with that in a conversation.

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