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Devilen On April - 26 - 2016

Well Destruct-Ore I hope to have by the end of this week for everyone to play around and mess with it. The update will be only my code but still will require the SDE from CCP to properly run.

More Details to come as the time gets closer to the end of the Month.

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  1. Anduin Matova says:

    Any updates on this? When will it be available hosted to use within Eve as I’ve been waiting years for this one ūüôā

    • Devilen says:

      The update is being worked on currently and finishing up the last bits of the Payout system. Really don’t wanna cause problems with the payout system not working properly. When it is done I will post here about it being done and ready for download RC1 almost completed.

    • Devilen says:

      Destruct-Ore v0.5.1-rc1 was released May 31st and available for download! Still have a few updates that I need to push out in the next week to fix a few issues I found AFTER I setup for the release.

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