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Devilen On January - 11 - 2016

Well the time has come that CCP is making Citadels within Eve a thing with a new event to help build the first Citadel within the Universe of New Eden.

Read the whole deal here – Citadels in Eve!

If you want you can read the text below.

The First Astrahus Citadel: Help make it happen
The latest phase of Upwell Consortium’s plan is in motion, and construction is starting on the first citadel. The Intaki Bank branch of Upwell has dedicated Agent Lee Brinalle to accepting and processing pilot contributions of needed Research Components. The Upwell Consortium will reward a few lucky pilots who participate with Astrahus Citadel BPCs (M-size) for the top contributor and two randomly chosen pilots as well as names of the few top contributors on the cornerstone of this citadel.

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