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Devilen On November - 23 - 2015

Hello everyone, Destruct-Ore is almost ready for people to start using and submitting issues for it to be fixed. With this release of version 0.5.1 I would like to thank all who have been following and helping out with this and looking forward to this. I want people to know that yes in version 0.5.1 there are quite a few issues with it code wise and optimization with it. I will be changing the core of the code to be more optimized and smoother running.

More Detail will be released sooner it comes to being released. Please feel free to try it out by going to Destruct-Ore please Note you will need to sign up and use a full API key to acess everything inside. If you sign up and want your information removed from the database let me know I will remove the information from our database.

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