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Devilen On September - 24 - 2015

Well like the title says we have had 3 expansions release already and another one on the way. We have seen the rise of Entosis links and sov Changes to the death of some alliances that might be due to or a result of these changes. The Last of expansions is named Galatea and this brought us some new Ship skins and a Dominix Redesign.

With this expansion it will bring more changes to the Entosis link and Sovren Changes. Battle Cruiser rebalance also will be coming will the Drake once again rise from the ashes and bring with it another era of domination? Also more Timers will be create to help pilots see the polarization of their hulls when going through wormholes along with a jump stealth timer.

What else will await us within the next expansion of Eve-Online we can only wait!

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