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Devilen On May - 18 - 2015

Well the last update was back in February and we have had a few releases due to CCP’s new 6 week patch cycle.  The newest one is been the Mosaic update and with it CCP has brought out a few new things but also informed us that Fozzy Sov will be pushed out till July.  So lets go into what this update will bring to the table so that we can make sure we understand some of the new things.

First thing is the Corp Management this is something that a lot of CEO’s and corporate people like the most as it makes managing people some what easier.  They consolidated a few pages of complicated junk down to something more manageable and easy to understand well I think understand from the pictures they posted.  From reading the post and yet to really look about it the menu has gone from 19 screens to 5 which is nice 14 screens no longer needed…. Wonder if they ever really got used even in big corporations.  The other nice thing I noticed that got added was the ability to search this makes me understand more when CEO’s and officers in the past would complain about the roles management for a corporation.

Another update was to the T3 Destroyers they have not been in the game very long, first one appeared back in the Rhea release and the 2nd one in the Tiamat release.  Both the Amarr Confessor and Minmatar Svipul got their wings clipped with a change of 4 Turret slots and +50% damage role bonus.  Along with these changes they have changed the warp speeds of battlecruisers and warp rigs they are increasing the speed of the battlecruisers by 8% to better align them with the ship size progression.  As for the warp rigs they are having a penalty of signature radius rather than the CPU capacity change.

Another Dev Post was one I liked a lot it was called Shake my Citadel this is aimed at dealing with the POS’s and outposts in null sec space and wormhole space.  The best part is they are looking at making them in 3 sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large.  The X-Large will allow for capital ships to dock and possible even Super-Capitals which is a HUGE bonus to no longer make Super-Capitals flying Coffins in space that so many people think they are now.  On top of this they are looking to release modules that you can use to defend your citadel.  On top of the ability to have guns they are looking to have energy Nutes, Drones and fighters that launch from the citadels, Electronic Warfare, Point defense batteries, and possibly a Doomsday weapon a breakdown of what they will allow on each type is below.

Available on Sizes Available in High-sec Variations
Single Target Weapons M, L, X-L Yes 2
AoE Launcher L, X-L No 3
Energy Neutralizers M, L, X-L Yes 2
Drone and Fighters M, L, X-L Yes Existing Drones
Electronic Warfare M, L, X-L Yes 6
Point Defense Batteries L, X-L No 1
Doomsday X-L No 1
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