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Devilen On February - 3 - 2015

Well Many people have noticed that CCP the developers of Eve-Online have made it a point to speed up their release cycle to every month. January was met with Proteus release that we saw lot of changes to the looks of ships and rebalancing of recon ships and more. This month we will see the release of Tiamat which lands February 17th, 2015 and will bring in the 2nd of the 4 T3 Destroyers into the game.

The next destroyer is the Minmatar than Caldari and finally last but not least the Gallente will have theirs. If CCP keeps to their release of ships then i Would be saying the Caldari ship should come with update on April 28th 2015 and the Gallente would come with the July 7th 2015 update if they keep the every other update model they currently have.

Few of the things coming with Tiamat are going to be the ability to turn on CONCORD on to protect your corporation from Awoxers so be sure to check for that within joining a new corp! Also we will have new Projectile Weapons changes which are very nice they are looking to Balance the Autocannons, Barrage, and Small Artillery Modules.

Well I for one can not wait for the new expansion to hit and like always it is free with your monthly subscription. Till next time Fly safe!

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