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Devilen On November - 5 - 2014

Well Oceanus is old release back in September when it was dropped that release brought us some module rebalance and Fitting import/export tools.  They also did a few visual changes with the Cloaking effects which honestly look pretty cool but other then that the release for it was not much more than a few small improvements that helped.

Now with the Phoebe release we saw the universe start to crumble around us when we saw what CCP had decided to spring on everyone with a 5LY jump distance for all capital ship except for the Jump Freighters which will get a 10Ly range.  This has caused lot of big blocks to rethink what they were going to do and we saw some massive shifts in space and living area’s from CFC, NC., PL, and even the Russians.  What will Phoebe bring for everyone? Only time will tell so while everyone is trying to figure out what has happened as a result of Phoebe remember December we will see the Release of Rhea!

Till next time Fly safe!

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