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Devilen On August - 28 - 2014

Well 2 days ago on August 26th, 2014 we had the release of Hyperion which brought to us some major changes to do with the wormholes.  This has caused lots of corporations to leave W-Space for good due to the new Spawning off of a wormhole about 10k from it.  CCP is looking into what people are saying but also people are saying a lot and trying to make sense of everything.  Another thing that came with Hyperion was the release of regenerating wormholes that only are usable by Frig ships which means they can’t really ever be closed without use from a lot of people.  As this release is out longer and longer I will continue to have more details for everyone on what people think and what CCP is looking to do as a result.

Project DORE: This project is back into production and will have another update on the site in the next few days with the ability to join operations and close operations that do not have a close date/time set for them along with proper sorting and tabbing for the operation list.

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