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Devilen On September - 23 - 2013

Well I would like everyone to know that version 0.5 is currently on track to complete Start to Mid October at current rate. Also so everyone knows my wife is due with our 2nd child durrent this time her official due date is November 4th which is why I am trying to finish this as quickly as possible to prevent any more delays.

Also the development site for D-Ore 0.5 will be posted within the next week so everyone can check in on progress. The look of the site will be very basic as I am allowing custom themes based off the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. I will also make a way to have more than one Theme to allow users to pick what kind they might and allow for more customization, this will be a future feature.

There will also be a new bug page and forums setup for D-Ore and Mining buddy to help prevent the Spam that is currently been going on with the forums I currently have. I will move Post information but login information will not be moved over and everyone will be required to re-register but everything should be a single sign-on for all area’s.

Till this is been completed please feel free to email, eve-mail, or post on the current bug/forums and I will reply soon as possible to everything.

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