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Devilen On July - 30 - 2013

Good news Everybody! I have got into a decent stride here at my new job and I am slowly working on D-Ore again. IF you where interested in downloading and testing out the current version of D-Ore Please email me. The next version of D-Ore will require a License key but its not going to cost anything to use just for trouble tickets and other issues that might arise.

I am happy but sad to say the new version will not look like what it does now. I hope to have the new version up for testing soon so everyone can see the change. I might make a page where it does both new and old so everyone can see the differences on it too.

Also as many of you know with the new change to the Ice Belts Ice will now be added to Every Mining operation due to the way things spawn. Also there will be less type of operations to help things out they will be folded down to 3 types. Mining, PVP, Misc. If you have better category names please do share and I will make sure to give you credit within the application for help on it. Also if anyone has any ideas on type of things to add, change, or just remove let me know in-game or out of game.

Due to real life issues I have not been able to get in game for a while now and I hope to change that in the very near future so if you see me in game hit me up! Till next time Fly safe!

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