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Devilen On January - 15 - 2013

Well Destruct-Ore is now in beta and the information needed to install D-Ore is been sent out along with download links. If you did not get your’s contact me ASAP.

With the start of the D-Ore Beta we have Retired Mining Buddy officially from active development. We will keep the downloads running here for all the people who would like to keep using it. Also we will allow use for development of Mining Buddy on the bug reports but the development will be only per profit so if you want something fixed on Mining Buddy it will be for ISK.

I know some of you might think that is a bad thing but think of it like this. If we are working on Mining Buddy then we will not be working on D-Ore to improve that. So please understand why to get any fixes within Mining Buddy they will cost. Cost will be noted after the ticket is been placed in the system and a developer has had time to look over the request.

More News to come later.

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