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Devilen On September - 5 - 2012

Well now that the site is up and running I have submitted the paperwork for Eve-Online to start sending the traffic to this site for mining buddy. On top of that I have been working on getting D-Ore up and running more and there was a decent update done to the back side of the server in the form of the database update. I have also gone and starting the cut over from Normal forms to start using AJAX and Javascript for here.

D-Ore update
I have also with the move over from static hard coded forms on this site I am in the process of upgrading D-Ore to use AJAX and Javascript to populate the form areas. Also the op creation should be back up online here within the next two or three weeks as I am finishing up getting the SQL Code to find the types of ores available in a region.

Also currently looking for a few people to join the team we are in need of 2 programmers and a Database person. If you think you got what it takes to work on a team and help out with a project that will be used by many people feel free to email me. Click my name in subject title.

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