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Devilen On July - 2 - 2012

Well Today is the 2nd of July this year is going by very fast. I am looking to get the downloads up and running sometime this week I know I said the 1st of July but with family in town never got time to take care of that stuff.

D-Ore will be getting a nice upgrade to it here shortly in the next week or two as I have finished getting a bunch of the kinks out of it. The Database will be flushed and updated to the newest Eve-Online Database dump and allow you to register and log into the application to see the API key information if you want.

API key Would need a full key for all the D-Ore Features. We hope to have a full breakdown of what features of the key are needed and what they do so you know how your key information is used within D-Ore for your site. If you have questions please contact me in-game at Devilen or out of game.

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