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Devilen On June - 21 - 2012

I am posting here because I currently have no access to the Eve-Online Forums due to my work. I wanted to let everyone know Development of D-Ore is still going on but as stated on the Eve-Online Forums I have had to stop development because my Grandmother is in the Hospital. She is indeed dying and probably will not make it past this weekend. She has lived a long and healthy life and hope that everyone can understand the troubles I have had in the past few months. I have lost my house, my car, my dog, now my cat is dying and my grandmother.

I hope to have D-Ore updated on the demo site any day I get more then 5minutes at home. This also is the launch of the new site for both Mining Buddy and Destruct-ORE. I hope to have more Projects soon as we get D-Ore Launched to the point it is stable. This site should be 100% live by July 15th with downloads and everything up and running.

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