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Well D-Ore will be going opensource and I will be posting it soon to the following repo https://github.com/Proopai/eve-distructore and I will be posting all the previous versions of Mining Buddy at https://github.com/Proopai/php-miningbuddy Please excuse the delay in getting it completed I have to remove it from SVN and port it over to Git and working […]

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Well Destruct-Ore I hope to have by the end of this week for everyone to play around and mess with it. The update will be only my code but still will require the SDE from CCP to properly run. More Details to come as the time gets closer to the end of the Month.

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Well I would like everyone to know that version 0.5 is currently on track to complete Start to Mid October at current rate. Also so everyone knows my wife is due with our 2nd child durrent this time her official due date is November 4th which is why I am trying to finish this as […]

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I have completed placing the product pages up on the site and they are working well I think.  Feel free to look at the product pages and see whats all in there for the Mining Buddy and Destruct-Ore.  I am going to also be posting the page with our current prices if you want to […]

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All of the Mining Buddy Downloads are enabled and working feel free to download as you wish please no hot linking link to the site only thank you.

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